Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of cows, beef, sheep, goats, and deer in a very palatable form.

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    Spring Turnout – Supplementing lactating cattle with magnesium

    Although the annual rate of hypomagnesaemia/staggers/tetany (low blood magnesium) in UK cows is less then 1%, one third of affected cows will die. These clinical cases are the tip of the iceberg; the rest of the group may also be sub-clinically affected. Hypomagnesaemia remains one of the very few veterinary emergencies on farms. Crystalyx Cattle High-Mag is a palatable, cost effective self-help feed lick that can help to maintain normal blood magnesium levels this spring.

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    Avoiding Twin Lamb Disease

    Twin lamb disease (pregnancy toxaemia) results from an inadequate dietary energy intake by the ewe. Crystalyx Extra High Energy molasses licks can address this balance.

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    Maximise Performance and Fertility

    Supplementing grazed grass with Crystalyx can significantly and economically improve animal performance – both for cattle and sheep

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