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Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of cows, beef, sheep, goats, and deer in a very palatable form.

Crystalyx Champions

Don’t just take our word on the benefits of Crystalyx, here are some real farmers that believe Crystalyx products are integral to the success of their farm business.

John Scott

John Scott

Farm Type: Sheep and Beef

Location: Ross-shire

John Scott “Farmers Weekly UK Sheep Farmer Of The Year” farms a low lying farm situated at the base of the Tarbat Peninusla in Easter Ross.  Having farmed there for four generations John discusses the benefits of supplementing his 5,000 ewe herd with Crystalyx Feed blocks.


Gareth Wyn Jones

Gareth Wyn Jones

Farm Type: Sheep and Beef

Location: Conwy

Gareth Wyn Jones is truly one of the hardest working people you are ever likely to meet.  He is a TV personality, Welsh farming ambassador, and full time farmer with over 3500 ewes and 100 suckler cows.

Gareth and his family have been using Crystalyx feed block to supplement their livestock for years, listen to Gareth’s story below and find out why he chooses Crystalyx.  

Gareth explains what happened when he changed from Crystalyx to buy what he thought to be a "bargain" 

Gareth discusses the benefits of feeding Crystalyx Extra High Energy and describes how the feed blocks conveniently fit into his farming system.

Crystalyx blocks are one of the most cost effective blocks to feed at only 3-5p per ewe per day with intakes of between 30g and 70g.

For further information on Crystalyx products, please contact us on 016973 32592 email us at or Find a Stockist