Crystalyx Cattle Booster

Cattle Booster

Crystalyx Cattle Booster is a feed tub ideally suited for use in dairy and beef farming systems, in both cases Cattle Booster has been shown (through University research trials) to increase forage intake and digestibility. Trials have concluded that Cattle Booster stimulates growth rates and improves overall health, fertility and milk quality in livestock.


Beef Farming: Crystalyx Cattle Booster has undergone rigorous trials and research over the last 20 years, with results continually proving that Cattle Booster stimulates forage intake and digestion in cattle. Research at Kansas State University has confirmed that Cattle Booster increases forage intake by as much as 13%, and increase digestion by a further 10%.

The increase in forage intake and digestion has a direct effect on cattle daily live weight gain (DLWG), with a 25% increase being noted in trials at Newcastle University. In the vast majority of trials done, Cattle Booster has more than doubled the investment by extra growth performance. i.e for every £1 spent on the product, a £2 return was gained.

Dairy Farming: The ability to get the cow in calf and producing milk is of vital importance in any dairy enterprise, Crystalyx Cattle Booster contains high levels of selenium and copper which have an important role in improving fertility of dairy cows and breeding bulls. Research in Bandenburg, Germany showed a 15% increase in pregnancy rates when Cattle Booster was trialled on dairy replacement heifers, and in separate trails Cattle Booster was proven to show to improve bull fertility by 24%.

Key Features

  • Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility while providing all essential mineral, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Improves animal health and fertility.
  • Increases DLWG by up to 25%
  • Reduce the risk of acidosis by stimulating saliva production to help maintain a stable rumen pH
  • Helps buffer wet acidic silages and stimulate silage intakes
  • Reduces loss of body condition in early lactation to optimise performance and fertility
  • Young stock 100g-150g per head per day
  • Mature cows 150g-250g per head per day
  • Bulls 200g-300g per head per day
  • Available in 22.5Kg tubs and 80Kg buckets


  • Beef
  • Dairy

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