Crystalyx Organyx


Crystalyx Organyx Plus & Crystalyx Organyx Garlic is 100% organic and fully approved under Great Britain Organic farming systems. Suitable for all classes of Beef, Sheep and Dairy livestock.


Organic livestock production is intended to “contribute to the equilibrium of agricultural production systems”. However, animal welfare must not be jeopardised in organic systems and the EU Council Regulations on organic reccognise this by stating “in order to provide the basic nutritional requirements of livestock, certain minerals and trace elements may need to be used under well-defined conditions” such as when organic livestock producers can show evidence of mineral and trace element deficinces in home-grown forages.

Crystalyx Organyx Plus and Crystalyx Organyx Garlic contains both major minerals and added trace elements which is ideal to be fed either in house or at grass. Ideal for for flushing ewes and cows/heifers during the service period.

Key Features

  • Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility.
  • Fully approved 100% organic feed under UK Certification.
  • Improves animal health and performance
  • Does not break up in cold wet conditions.
  • Typical intakes sheep 30g-50g per head per day
  • Typical intakes cattle 150g-250g per head per day
  • Available in 22.5Kg tubs and 80Kg buckets


  • Beef
  • Sheep

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