Crystalyx Piglyx


Crystalyx Piglyx is a mineralised molasses lick block that is designed to encourage the natural rooting instinct in pigs. Piglyx has been extensively researched and has been found to have a calming influence, leading to a more relaxed and stress free pig pen.


Piglyx is a natural and effective way to help reduce financial losses resulting from tail biting. By enriching the environment and encouraging natural rooting behaviour Piglyx helps reduce the incidence of tail biting, making pigs more docile and in turn improves animal performance.

Tail biting is a major animal welfare and an economic problem for the pig industry as severe tail bighting can lead to reduced weight gain, increased vet and treatment costs as well as higher culling and carcass condemnation.

Stress increases the activity levels seen in pigs. Chewing and investigation are natural behaviours of pigs, and if these are not provided for then problems can arise and tail biting may be seen. Once tail biting has started, without prompt action it spreads rapidly within a group.

A proven and effective way to reduce tail biting is to enrich the pig’s environment by giving them access to Crystalyx PIGLYX, a product that is ingestible, chewable and destructible.


Key Features

  • Encourage the natural rooting instinct
  • Satisfy pigs natural curiosity
  • Available with a bespoke ground fixed holder
  • Hygienic and easy to use
  • Intake 10g-30g per pig per day (dependant on weight/age)
  • Available in 5Kg mini tubs


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